Syncbox Professional 

Flexible and unique, Syncbox Pro allows you to create the perfect installation to your wiring specification.

TV SB-002 SyncboxKeystone Modules


Syncbox Standard (Trade Only)

Loaded and ready to go, incorporating power, cat5, cat6 & satellite outlets, Syncbox is configured to a standard wiring pattern to allow easy specification into your projects. No hunting for modules or running out just before the end of the project.

TV SB-004 Syncbox

Syncbox Advanced (Trade Only)

Ready to install, ready for anything, incorporating power, three cat6 & f-type modules this is all you need to wire to. High-end projects deserve the best solution.

TV SB-006 Syncbox

Syncbox 5.1 / 6.1 / 7.1

Surround sound termination units.


Syncbox Power / Direct / Smart / Media

All media needs fulfilled.




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