Typical System Layouts  

We can design & supply technical drawings to your own specific need, If it’s specifying a new project or converting existing drawings, we can do both. Get in contact and we’ll be more than happy to help!

We can convert any media outlet layout into a Syncbox solution which is a huge benefit when wanting to make a media installation look clean and professional without multiple media outlets on the wall (“wall acne”) .

We offer this service free of charge as simplicity for the customer is essential.


number-1 Pick your system.

These are 3 typical systems that you will find in a Single Dwelling or MDU that we can turn into a Syncbox solution, this is how we start the process.




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Images show a number of different termination points that can be configured to your specification.

syncbox-skus syncbox-skus-2

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number-2 Receive your layouts.

We will send you the drawings like the ones below and get confirmation if it meets your requirements.

The technical service we offer is professionally planned and designed, with over 15 years of experience. Which is why some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious companies approach us.

The layout drawings give a clear insight into the type of system the customer is trying to build. Customers are able to adapt and customise the system to exactly how they want, hassle free. All they have to do is tell us the type of system they want to build and we’ll come up with the best solution for them.

greenpads-ltd-1-0crest-nicholson-6-0-draggedBellway Examples 1.0K.C.Thomson 1.0H E SIMM 1.0

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number-3 Box & ship.

It is then a simple process of boxing up your Syncbox and sending it directly to where you need it. No logistical complications, everything you need start to finish is sent.

We do all the work for you as we want the customer to have the best experience when using Syncbox. We help you with your specification, design the drawings free of charge, then its down to you to choose your cover plate style and colour.

It is our pleasure to send your own personalised Syncbox to you, boxed up and ready to go!

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

We have produced a detailed report demonstrating a 30% saving across the board on installation & cost compared to all existing methods.
Continuity of Componants

Continuity of Componants

Whether it’s a high level recessed power outlet, low level media input plate or a 7.1 speaker terminal, continuity of the Syncbox systems throughout a project is paramount to achieve a professional finish.
Combines Power & AV Connections

Combines Power & AV Connections

Compared to traditional media outlets, Syncbox is around 50% smaller & thinner thus allowing for a clean professional finish on wall. Also, contributing to the professional finish of Syncbox is the cover plates that can be painted to a wall finish or matched to other electrical items giving Syncbox its unique good looks.
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