Cameron & Shaw Consultants

4th December 2017

Why did you feel Syncbox was the right choice for you?

When we decided to renovate our office, we knew Syncbox the hidden socket was going to be the perfect choice for a smart & modern looking installation of all of the TV and media outlets. It’s 2017, no one wants to see cables hanging out the back of TV’s anymore!

What were the main issues with your previous installations without Syncbox?

There didn’t seem to be a simple solution for getting the TV flush to the wall or cable looking smart/hidden so we had to settle for bulky sockets pushing the TV and furniture further away from the wall & have wires hovering and on show. Syncbox had everything to prevent this from happening.

How easy was Syncbox to install in comparison to the previous option?

When I first gave the product to our electrician he seemed a little disgruntled as this was the first time he was using a Syncbox, anyway after some debate he agreed to “give it a go”. 20 min later he returned looking slightly shock, “well that was easy”.

Were you pleased with your Syncbox installation?

From a clients perspective, Syncbox was the right choice for us as it added a touch of class to our office renovation and loving the hidden socket. We feel its the offering to add to what we do for clients and ourselves.

Most useful feature of Syncbox?

The ability for hidden socket & appear almost invisible on the wall. We also enjoyed the wide range of possibilities that Syncbox offers with it’s different modules. I would highly recommend Syncbox to anyone, it really does make for easy installation of any screen. There is always a keystone module for any scenario we have encountered on any job, also there range of tools makes for a really easy and quick installation.


    Chris Shaw, Director, Cameron & Shaw Consultants

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