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6th April 2016

Why did you opt for Syncbox?

We decided to opt for Syncbox on our projects as it offers the perfect solution all output requirements (TV, Audio, Media and Power). Within a neat and concealed solution. We felt as though it was the perfect choice for our large multi dwelling projects. Which are pre-wired for potential owners to allow for them to install their own TVs at a later date.

What were the main issues with your previous installations without Syncbox?

We felt the overall look of the installation can be improved by using the Syncbox. To reduce the overwhelming amount of protruding tv wires emanating from the back and overall messiness of the installation box. Obviously this is why we chose the product that saves us from all of these problems and can hide tv cables and any other cable easily, Syncbox.

How easy was Syncbox to install in comparison to the previous option?

Syncbox is effortless to install. It offers a very neat finish and allows for very slim TV brackets to be installed, because Syncbox only leaves the wall by 10mm so the tv will look straight and angled properly. Whereas other solutions don’t allow this to happen thus the tv would look unprofessionally installed.

What reaction did you receive from your client?

I received a pleasant reaction from my client, they stated: “Paul, I like these a lot – very tidy solution”. The Syncboxes displayed their ability to hide tv cables and created a better image within the rooms.

Most useful feature of Syncbox?

Syncbox has many useful features. First of all, Syncbox was so easy to install along with a simple and neat solution that allows for TV’s to be mounted close the wall how they’re meant to with no mis-angleing that disorientates.


hide tv cables Paul Tuffey, Managing Director at Intelligent Interiors

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