Private Client

13th February 2016

Why did you opt for Syncbox?

After the first stage of the install was completed we had an issue arise. Due to the TV model being so thin and wanting to mount flush to the wall to compensate for the design of the TV was the main reason for opting for the Syncbox solution. But if it wasn’t for that we would have never found Syncbox in the first place. Me and my client were glad we did.

What was the main issues with your previous installations without Syncbox?

Most of TV manufacturers in the 2016 range have gone for ultra-thin designs. To get the best results they have to be mounted flush to the wall. Old style sockets and connections don’t allow for the space clearance for this and puts the TV at a slight angle further away from the wall. Now that most mounted tv’s are like this, I would recommend that anyone fitting a modern tv should use Syncbox. To hide tv cables and make the tv look flush like its supposed to.

How easy was Syncbox to install in comparison to the previous option?

The Syncbox solution was easily tailored for the customers needs of the install. The actual fitting and mounting became straight forward as there was no need to accommodate for space behind TV for the connections. Syncbox was very easy to install and just the little things such as the installation template make it simple to do and minimise the chance of error.

What reaction did you receive from your client?

They were amazed that a simple solution could improve the wall mounting finish as much as it did. I wish I had installed it in previous projects that had wall mount tv’s.

Most useful feature of Syncbox?

Firstly the ability to tailor the connections needed in one box which makes everything cost effective and quick to install. Secondly the variety of modules to choose from was very handy for coensiding with what the customer wanted especially.

  Ritesh Patel, Private Installer

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