Berkeley Homes – Chiswick Gate

1st July 2016

Berkeley Group are now implementing Syncbox in a number of developments after saving thousands of £££s & making TV/AV installs look aesthetically better. 

Berkeley Homes: Chiswick Gate Development.

We’ve been very successful in terms of attracting big housing developers. We’ve done this by exploiting the worlds only hidden recessed socket. But we feel as though this is our biggest yet!

Berkeley were very impressed with the simplicity of the product, as well as it’s professional look. One of the many advantages was the ability for them to design the system specifically to their requirements. Another big advantage of Syncbox is how easy it is to install compared to the traditional system. On top of these benefits, Syncbox also offers significant cost savings. Unlike Berkeley’s previous system which made the product the perfect solution.

We produced a Value Engineering Report. The report was presented to many of the Technical Directors, Architects and M&E Consultants. Syncbox is completely unique, so it was vital that we demonstrated the benefits of using our product from a financial perspective. It is estimated that there will be a 27% cost saving when purchasing a Syncbox versus the traditional existing format. When taking into consideration cost and labour. Syncbox will save you over £9,000 which is making it hard for people and companies to turn down.

Berkeley’s approached us on LinkedIn. After reading about the product in various Trade Publications. Syncbox’s versatility was a factor contributing to their amazement and how easy is was to adapt to meet their specific requirements.

We continued to discuss different elements about the product. In the end were able to arrange a meeting, where we travelled to West London. They were looking to put the Syncbox into their new Chiswick Gate Development. It was important that Berkeley saw the product in real life before they made a judgement. Berkeley, like all the housing developers shared with us the configuration they were looking to implement. We took into consideration everything they specified and designed it using our advanced Technical Drawings. We sent the drawings to Berkeley for them to review and analyse. Everything came back ok and they were happy to finalize the deal. They ended up ordering over 1000 units which was brilliant news.

Finally, we’er looking forward to working with Berkeley and hope all of their homeowners enjoy the values of Syncbox.

Berkeley quoted saying, “Beautiful, elegant and cost effective”

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