Smart Automation

26th June 2017

Project: Exmouth Town House.

Why did you feel Syncbox was the right choice for you?

Syncbox and its Recessed Socket is a tidy and compact solution that can easily be configured for any project. Even if a TV isn’t installed straight away the cover looks much tidier than multiple socket and co-ax / data plates.

What was the main issues with your previous installations without Syncbox?

First of all, trying to keep the cabling behind the clients tv tidy. Also trying to get the TV as tight to the wall as I could. As TV’s are getting slimmer and thiner. Clients wanting seamless installations this is now more important. Therefore the final result was, we had to use Syncbox for a perfect installation. To fit all the loose wires into the recessed socket and get a proper finish for the TV.

How easy was Syncbox to install in comparison to the previous option?

Syncbox was easy to install. The keystones mean that the space is utilised fully. Furthermore, it also makes the TV installation easier as there aren’t lots of face plates to work around.

What reaction did you receive from your client?

They loved them, hence Syncbox ticked every box for a tidy installation. Due to Syncbox providing what they wanted, no wires while creating a flush TV finish.

Most useful feature of Syncbox?

Finally, in conclusion, the slim profile and adaptability of Syncbox makes it ideal, for a tidy finish on any installation.

  James Denslow, Managing Director at Smart Automation.

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