Lairds of Troon

7th August 2017

Why did you feel Syncbox was the right choice for you?

Our venue was incorporating the most up to date technology without interfering with the décor. Therefore instead of having traditional sockets showing the outlets, Syncbox with its hidden recessed socket was the logical choice. Not only could the covers match existing décor, it allowed us to hide the cabling effectively without damage.

What were the main issues with your previous installations without Syncbox?

The ability to seamlessly hide cabling and colour co-ordinate the relevant surroundings proved impossible. This left the client with sockets exposed. The cables were still partially displayed. There was also a safety aspect to be considered. This was suited perfectly by the hidden Syncbox’s recessed socket. From Syncbox reducing wires, it reduces chance of hazard.

How easy was Syncbox to install in comparison to the previous option?

Syncboxes has saved time at the expense associated to contractor’s time on site. Lairds of Troon as a result recommend Syncbox on every installation. As a result of the endless positives they provide. Also not only is Syncbox technically pleasing but visually too.

What reaction did you receive from your client?

First of all my client was initially surprised at the flexibility of the hidden Syncbox’s recessed socket. In addition to that, the clean cut look. The ability to colour co-ordinate grabbed their attention right away.

Most useful feature of Syncbox?

Finally in conclusion, the Syncboxes recessed socket’s hidden flexibility allowed us to hide a wide range of cabling yet look good. This is the most beneficial factor for us at Lairds of Troon. Further more the subtleness of Syncbox was a massive factor of why we implemented them. As you can see in one of the pictures the Syncbox is completely camouflaged within the wall. Most of all, another passer by wouldn’t even be able to tell that it was a recessed socket due to the cover plate!

 Mark Laird, Owner, Lairds of Troon Ltd.

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