Syncbox Media


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Product Description

Syncbox Media contains no modules. So is consequently ideal for homeowners, who choose to customise Syncbox to their own wiring specification, to create a recessed media plate. This can act as a perfect enhanced and improved version of a traditional media plate. Syncbox media can fit 8 keystone modules, within an area 50% smaller than the traditional media plate size. Telephones and TV coaxial sockets ect. traditionally have are all built into a standard size wall plate.

The environment in today’s offices and homes, seems like they require a number of services to be effective. Thus they need to be provided a specific work station or convenient access point. The most flexible and efficient means of doing this is the use of modules on a multiple aperture plate. Also, the Syncbox range incorporates a wide range of media and power modules. Finally, consequently the most noteworthy factor is that it provides the designer and installer a host of solutions for all manner of media cabling problems.

Contents: Syncbox, White Cover Plate, Installation Box. Fixing Pack, Plaster Protector. ID Stickers & Instruction Manual.

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